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Green Freight Program

For a fleet of heavy trucks, fuel is the most significant operating expense incurred. 

For many years fuel costs were seen as an unaffordable expense, but as technology has advanced, we have found that fuel savings have become a tangible reality. 

Reducing your annual fuel costs not only benefits your bottom line but the environment as well. 

The Government of Canada launched the Green Freight Assessment Program (GFAP), investing millions over many years to help businesses make data-driven investment decisions to reduce emissions and fuel costs. Triple S is proud to partner with Natural Resources Canada as a Certified Green Cargo Assessor. 

The Green Freight Assessment Program provides federal funding to acquire and install new technology and identify technologies and strategies to reduce fuel costs. 

Triple S’s approach to green cargo evaluation is unique in that it analyzes the data to make recommendations and assists in purchasing and installing fuel-saving devices. Once you complete a Green Freight Assessment, we create your fuel management plan to monitor your fuel savings and ensure they continue to grow yearly.

Vehicle Efficiency Program

In addition to our partnership with Natural Resources Canada, we will work closely with the BCTA to ensure access to funding for the Clean BC Heavy-Duty Vehicle Efficiency Program. 

After at least one company representative has attended a half-day course to develop a fuel management program, your heavy-duty vehicle is eligible for maximum state grants to purchase and install certain fuel-saving technologies. Triple S will not only help you get started on your Clean BC efficiency program for heavy-duty vehicles but will also help you purchase and install your technology of choice. 

A good fuel management plan utilizing the latest technology enhances your bottom line and helps your industry’s emissions. Triple S is ready to help you reach your green goals. 

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A good Fuel Management Plan, taking advantage of the latest technologies will not only strengthen your bottom line, but it will also help with our industry’s emissions. Triple S truck repair is ready to help you with your goals of going green.

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