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Heavy-Duty Alignment

Heavy-duty alignment for trucks & trailers

Heavy-duty alignment plays a vital role in preventive maintenance. Misalignment of heavy trucks can lead to increased tire wear rates, poor fuel economy, and driver discomfort, which can increase the running cost of a truck or fleet. For tractor trailers and heavy trucks, our wheel alignment experts know all scenarios and symptoms of misalignment. Our high-tech alignment equipment quickly and efficiently identifies misalignment problems.

Correct Truck Misalignment:

Tripe S specializes in heavy truck alignment. Our technicians check the truck’s alignment and fix the trailer’s suspension to ensure all the wheels are in the best alignment. 

If your truck operates in or around the British Columbia Delta, please contact Triple S.

How does alignment work?

Trained technicians need to perform large and semi-trailer measurements. At the beginning of the process, they are given tolerances and specifications for the vehicle they are working on. They do this by searching the database of heavy vehicles. 

The angle is measured on each wheel using electronic sensors and compared to the wheel alignment machine and vehicle specifications. The technician then works to adjust the various suspension angles. Some of the angles are: 



Caster refers to the steering axis angle seen from the vehicle’s side. Positive casters can occur when the steering axis is tilted further toward the driver, and negative casters occur when the steering axis is tilted toward the vehicle.

The toe suspension angle is the angle at which the tire rotates inward or outward when viewed from above. Both tires are angled in toe-in alignment and opposite in toe-out.


The thrust angle detects whether the rear axle is aligned with the front axle and the vehicle’s centre. The angle is a fictitious line from the centerline of the rear axle through the entire vehicle. Engineers check these suspension angles, along with kingpin tilt, axle offset, and radius of gyration. Also, look at the entire suspension system to ensure no broken parts or excessive wear.

Alignment benefits

Vehicle alignment is essential and serves various functions when manipulating large vehicles. From handling and manoeuvrability to performance, stability, and safety, a misaligned vehicle is a recipe for disaster. Proper placement of heavy trucks and trailers has many advantages, but safety is paramount. ​


Proper placement of the truck means that the wheels move in tandem with each other, allowing the driver to steer the vehicle. Not only that, but with the proper alignment, you can extend the life of your tires. Also, commercial vehicle tires are not a cheap investment, so fleet owners can save money by maximizing tire life. 

  • extended use, 
  • Improved fuel efficiency, 
  • Increased mileage, 
  • Better kick, 
  • Reduce component wear, 

 All improvements in driver comfort come from optimized placement. Triple S Truck Repair technicians can help protect large vehicles from tandem axle misalignment.

Where to get the alignment of a heavy truck? 

The best place to adjust heavy trucks and repair all kinds of heavy trucks is the Triple S. In most parts of the British Columbia Delta. If you are outside this range, you need to find a company that offers the best quality and service of this company.