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Express Lube and Oil Change

If you’ve been looking for an “oil and lube store”, look no further. Triple S specializes in truck and fleet repair and maintenance. Our team has the knowledge and experience to keep your fleet operating at peak performance. Proper maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently. This includes regular visits to express oil and lubricant shops. Tracking your truck’s lube and oil changes can help extend the life of your vehicle, keep it running smoother, and save you money on major repairs in the future. 

At the Express Oil Change Service, our team of qualified technicians, will lubricate your tractor trailer and prepare it for every ride. Regular oil changes are significant for large engines exposed to extreme weather conditions, sustained high speed, long distance, stop-and-go driving. These factors affect your engine, so buy instant lubricant for your trailer truck today for your next trip. Fast, easy and efficient. Visit our state-of-the-art Triple S facility for quick lubes and oil changes.

 Express Lube Bay 

The trailer was fully loaded, our refuelling plans were completed, and we downloaded twenty hours of podcasts and traversed the prairies. At that moment, I see an oil change reminder threatening to ruin all my plans. No time to find an appointment and wait for full service. 

Don’t worry! The Triple S features an Express Lube bay with a pit long enough to park a truck or trailer with plenty of space. Depending on how busy the bay is, you may not even need to unload your luggage. Park your car, prime your engine with a new Fleetguard or Cat filter, clean up your Rotella oil while you wait, and off you go in record time!



1.How long can a light truck run without an oil change?

Previously, he recommended oil changes for light trucks every 5,000 km. Recent advances in automotive technology suggest that he extends this period to 12,000-16,000 km before an oil change is required. However, this greatly depends on the vehicle’s make and model and the driving type. Drivers who do a lot of stop-and-go and city errands should do an oil change around  7,500 km. Long-distance driving, mainly on highways, can extend to about 10,000 km. Check your owner’s manual for guidelines on truck-specific oil needs, or contact a Triple S expert for a custom evaluation. 

2.How often should you change the oil on your light diesel truck?

Simple and regular diesel truck maintenance is the key to engine health and a safe engine. How often a light-duty diesel truck needs an oil change depends on the vehicle’s make and model and the driving type. Diesel engines don’t lose as much power when driving on the highway at a constant speed for long periods as they do during many stop-and-start cycles. However, we recommend checking the oil quality and viscosity every 8,000 km and a full oil change and lubrication every 12,000 km. To assess your diesel truck lube and oil needs individually, Triple S’s team specializes in fast and efficient truck maintenance and repairs to get you on the road.

3.How often should trailer truck oil be changed?

The average time for a tractor-trailer oil change is 10,000 to 25,000 miles, but it depends on several factors. With recent advances in automotive technology, the frequency of oil changes in new tractor units is decreasing. However, if you’re driving an older or heavily used tractor-trailer, you’ll need to change your truck’s oil more often. Driving habits such as frequent acceleration and hard stops strain the truck’s engine and reduce oil life. Adherence to oil change intervals for trailer trucks is essential to prolong vehicle life and ensure safe transportation. The Triple S facility accommodates large vehicles such as trailer trucks. Stop by today for a quick and easy grease and oil change.