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Best Truck Repair Service – In Delta

At Triple S, we are the best Truck repair services. In the Delta region of British Columbia, Canada, Triple S is a modern, family-run facility for the repair of large trucks and trailers. Triple S has established itself as a reputable name in heavy truck collision repair and servicing. We have become one of British Columbia’s most dependable full-service trailer and truck repair facilities.

Since the company’s founding, our task has been to deliver excellent service. In Delta, British Columbia, Triple S has grown to be well-known for its heavy-duty truck repair services.

When you bring your truck to Triple S truck repair, our professionals will help you immediately. We know it’s stressful when your truck is off the road, So we do everything we can to make your time with us comfortable.

Our services:

Professional truck repair service:

Our truck repair services offer a wide variety of services in Delta, BC, including mobile truck repair, Commercial truck repair, heavy truck repair, diesel truck repair, Fleet services, forklift repairs and more. We can also address any issue with the wheel bearing, tires, engine repairs and many others that can affect Heavy-duty vehicles. Our truck repair providers are fully insured with the equipment and knowledge necessary to locate and solve the problem quickly and efficiently. 

What makes me a good choice?

  • A licensed truck repair service you can trust.
  • A team of fully insured trailer mechanics.
  • Services available 24/7 assistance.
  • A variety of truck maintenance and repair services.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Trailer Repair Service:

Trailer maintenance is necessary. Like any vehicle used for transportation, you’ll need quality trailer repair to keep your trailer in great working condition. TripleS trailer service offers trailer repair in the Region of Delta, BC.

We have fully equipped bays to complete your trailer repair on time. Our quality service technicians perform trailer repair on all makes of trailer, including annual inspections.

Keep your trailer in tip-top condition. We are always here to help you.

Professional Trailer repair services:

At Triple S, we have Mobile trailer repair service in Delta, BC’s most easterly leading service. We pride ourselves on giving you the best customer service, and this mobile trailer service has other services that keep your trailers in running condition.

Why Choose Us?

We have a very long history in this industry. We are fully aware of what to look for while inspecting vehicles for truck trailer repair. So, we are also conversant with any issue that requires enduring trucking expertise.

Why to Get Your Truck & Trailer Fixed

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep commercial trucks and trailers up to code, reducing the risk of an accident and keeping our highways safe and secure for trailers and passengers alike. In Canada, incidents including heavy trucks have about twice the fatal rates of accidents including passenger vehicles, which is why we take Semi truck and trailer repairs seriously.

Our Mission

To increase time on the road and to extend the life of your trucks and trailers repair, we educate owners on how to maintain and manage them.

Our Vision

We have earned the trust of various fleet operators by providing exceptional customer service, quality workmanship, and professionalism as we are the best truck and trailer repair shop. 

What to Do If You Need Repair for a Semi-Truck and Trailer?

Our skilled experts & mechanics at Triple S – truck trailer repair are equipped to make repairs straight immediately. Many other options are available to you, but few offer services of the same high caliber as ours.

Please get in touch with us today, and we can set up a specialized fleet service program that suits your needs.