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Fleet maintenance tips for summers and its benefits

Fleet maintenance tips and its benefits

Whether summer brings dry heat or rain to your area, July is the best time to maintain your vehicle. People think that winter weather requires special attention. However, summer has its characteristics. At the Triple S, we know how important it is to keep the fleet maintenance properly and look good. Your car is like a travel sign, and Triple S is an all-in-one expert that makes this possible for your fleet. It is essential to schedule regular service reservations for branded vehicles, as the summer can be particularly demanding for the fleet. Triple S has tips to keep your fleet in top shape this summer. 

1. Thorough cleaning and refinement of all vehicles 

It is important to thoroughly clean all fleet vehicles, clean the interior and interior decoration, and ensure that the acidic road salt of the previous month is washed away.  

2. Undercarriage wash 

When was the last time you washed the undercarriage of your car? It is essential to regularly add one of these upgrades to your vehicle routine to prevent rust and other damage. It uses high-pressure washing to remove salt, road dirt, and other corrosive substances. 

3. Oil and Filter Change 

A fleet vehicle oil change is a simple preventative fleet maintenance task, and the most challenging part is remembering and scheduling the obligations of multiple vehicles. Mainly when the fleet vehicle covers more miles, carries heavier luggage, or drives different terrain. Regular oil and filter changes are essential to the life of the fleet vehicle. 

4. Check the vehicle brakes 

Ignoring the vehicle brakes is probably very dangerous. Braking is one of the vital safety mechanisms that exist in trucks. 

As with any device, hesitating about minor braking defects in a vehicle can significantly increase repair costs. Therefore, as soon as you detect a tire defect, ensure the brakes are correctly repaired. 

5. Refill with coolant and all liquids 

Like people, vehicles need to cool down as the temperature rises. Coolant protects the engine from overheating, lubricates moving parts of the vehicle, and protects metal parts of the engine from corrosion. 

The summer heat hurts the cooling system. It is advisable to replenish the coolant as the vehicle can quickly overheat when sitting in a traffic jam on a hot day. Also, check for oil and other liquids such as brakes, power steering, and washer fluid. 

Thankfully, Triple S can do it all for you. No more wasting time commuting by vehicle or playing in the water with a truck service bill. Triple S makes planning and billing easier. Custom apps are free and seamlessly schedule and track Triple S services so you can get back to business.

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